Wellbeing at work survey

A wellbeing at work survey can help you to conduct a high-quality and reliable survey of the wellbeing of the personnel independently and flexibly to your own schedule. The wellbeing at work survey helps to evaluate and develop:

  • wellbeing at work and work ability management
  • wellbeing of the personnel
  • work productivity.

The wellbeing at work survey includes:

  • online survey for the personnel
  • survey reporting and report distribution
  • extensive benchmarking material
  • possibility for follow-up surveys
  • instruction and support material.

How can I access the wellbeing at work survey?

  • When you log on to the employer’s online service, you can find surveys in the Avaintiedot -service under “Surveys”.

Employer's online service (unavailable in English so link to Finnish website)

Take advantage of Keva’s eLearning environment "Oppimisympäristö" in the wellbeing at work survey

You also have access to Keva’s eLearning environment "Oppimisympäristö", where among other things you can find a video-instructed workshop planned by Keva’s experienced experts. 

In the workshop you and your team and work unit can think about how the results of the wellbeing at work survey can be used to improve the team’s functioning and wellbeing. The training content in the eLearning environment is in Finnish.