Years-of-service pension

Years-of-service pension may be a viable option when your work ability has permanently diminished due to illness, impairment or injury but you are not yet eligible for disability pension. 

You can apply for years-of-service pension if 

  • you are aged 63 or older
  • you have not reached your retirement age for old-age pension
  • you have worked for a long time (38 years or more) in strenuous and wearing work
  • your employment must continue or have ended no longer than one year ago.

The amount of years-of-service pension is the pension earned up to the end of the month preceding the start of the pension.

How to apply for years-of-service pension

Use the application form to file your application for years-of-service pension 2 months before retirement. You may also apply for a preliminary decision which remains in effect for 6 months.

Please also review your pension record in the My Pension service (available in Finnish and Swedish), as the amount of your pension will be calculated according to this information.

You will need to enclose the following with your application:

  • medical statement B
  • employer’s statement on job description and job strain level

Apply for your pension online

Apply for your pension easily and quickly through Keva’s online My Pension service. When you log on to the service, your pension application contains most of your information – all you need to do is to check and complete the information.

By mail

You can also send your application by mail.

Please mail the application and enclosures to: Keva, FI-00087 KEVA