Check your pension record

You can review your pension record in the My Pension online service. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Keva does not send out paper pension records. Always review your pension record before applying for pension. The amount of your pension is calculated on the basis of the information in the pension record.

You should report any mistakes or omissions in the pension record in the My Pension service.

What does the pension record show?

The pension record lists your employment in the private and public sectors as well as the pension-accruing benefits paid to you.

Your future pension is based on the information in the pension record.  

Recording of unpaid periods in the pension record

There is usually a time lag in the recording of information about benefits, studies and child care for which pension accrues when compared to earnings information. It is common for social security benefits only to be recorded in the spring of the following year.

The earnings recorded constitute calculated annual earnings when the benefit is paid by Kela and monthly earnings when paid by an unemployment fund. The earnings are therefore mutually non-comparable.

Keva registers no pension for unpaid periods and periods of studies or child care and as a rule, it is instead the payer of the benefit who reports the information to the Finnish Centre for Pensions (

Information from educational institutions on qualifications and degrees pass through Kela, which only registers these in the year following receipt. Information on foreign qualifications and degrees must be reported personally to Kela.