This is Keva

When public sector employees have served out their careers, it is our job to see that they have a well-earned pension waiting for them.

Keva is Finland’s largest pension provider and it administers the pensions of local government, State, Evangelical Lutheran Church and Kela employees.

Our 550-strong staff serve a total of 1.3 million public sector employees and pensioners as well as some 2,300 employer customers, i.e. local government organisations, State employers and parish unions.

We are responsible for funding the pensions of local government employees and for investing their pension funds. Pensions are funded with pension contributions collected from employers and employees alike. Our services to employers outside local government cover only the payment of pensions.

Keva is an independent body governed by public law and its operations are based on the Public Sector Pensions Act and the Keva Act. Keva is supervised by the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the National Audit Office of Finland.

Known earlier as the Local Government Pensions Institution, we have operated under the name of Keva since 1 January 2011.

Act on Keva.pdf (102 kb)

Code of Conduct

Keva's way of working and this Code of Conduct are based on Keva's values. The values of Keva are responsibility, customer focus, openness and effectiveness.

Keva's socially important duty was adopted as the point of departure in writing of this Code of Conduct. Keva's role in society is to ensure wellbeing by safeguarding th

Keva undertakes to comply in all its operations with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Board of Directors. Compliance applies to all Keva employees (personnel and elected officials) irrespective of job or position in the organisation.e livelihood of public-sector employees during their retirement.

Keva Code of Conduct (1276 kb)