Death of a pension recipient

Information about the reporting of a death

When a pension recipient dies, Keva receives information about it straight from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. If they wish, relatives can also notify Keva by phone or by letter of the death.

If the pension recipient resided abroad, it would be advisable for the next of kin to notify Keva of the death at the earliest convenience by phone or by letter.

Pension payment or recovery

Pension is paid until the end of the month of death.

If pension has been paid after the month of death, the bank will, at Keva’s request, refund any excess pension paid to Keva.

In respect of a pension recipient resident abroad, we will send a separate request by letter for a refund to the decedent’s estate if the pension has been paid into an account outside Finland.

At the end of the year, Keva reports directly to the Finnish Tax Administration the amount of pension paid to the pension recipient.

Survivors’ pension for the surviving spouse and child/ren

A survivors’ pension can secure the income of the surviving spouse and child/ren in the event of the death of a spouse or child’s parent. Survivors’ pensions are the surviving spouse’s pension and the orphan’s pension.

Keva does not offer funeral allowance

Keva does not offer funeral allowance to beneficiaries or to the estate of the deceased.