How to go forward with diminished work ability

Work ability may be diminished by any number of ailments. Musculoskeletal illness, for example, may prevent you continuing in physically demanding work, mental issues may come in the way of a career in the care sector, dermatitis on your hands could force you to stop working as a cleaner.

Even though you may no longer be able to keep working your current job, you may be well be able to work the same job part-time or take up another job altogether.

Measures which may help you continue working include

  • rearrangements of work in the workplace
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • partial disability pension.

Bring up any work ability problems in time

If you find it difficult to cope with work because of an illness, it is important that you bring up the issue as early as possible.

Steps to take:

  • discuss the matter with your supervisor and occupational health care
  • think about which job duties you could perform despite your diminished work ability
  • occupational health care professionals can help you figure out the job duties best suited to your health status
  • discuss the options for rearrangements of work with your supervisor and human resources, for instance adjusting your job duties or job description or changing your working hours
  • suggest to your employer that you hold an ‘occupational health care discussion’ (see below)
  • if you are no longer employed, raise the issue with the TE office ( (employment and economic office) or your physician.

Occupational health care discussion to move things along

You can suggest to your employer that you hold an ‘occupational health care discussion’.

The purpose of this discussion is to bring together the employee, the employer and a representative of occupational health care to consider means to support your continuing at work. A plan on how to go ahead will be prepared as part of this discussion.

Keva can contribute to your continuing at work by means of vocational rehabilitation or partial disability pension, for example.