Pension and foreign countries

Living or having worked abroad

Slightly different methods of applying for pension apply depending on the country where the pension has accrued. The application for pension that has accrued to you in EU Member States and EEA countries as well as in social security agreement countries may be filed with your own pension provider in Finland.

If you continue to live abroad, you should apply for pension in your country of residence. Pension can be paid into both Finnish and foreign bank accounts.

Pension recipients who live abroad must report their address to Keva each year. A reminder of this will be sent to you each January.

Have you worked abroad?

Applying for pension that has accrued to you abroad differs depending on the country of employment.

EU Member States and EEA countries, countries with which Finland has a social security agreement

If you have worked in an EU Member State or EEA country or a country with which Finland has a social security agreement, you can file the application for your foreign pension with your pension provider in Finland. The pension will be paid from country to country.

You can apply for foreign pension at the same time as for Finnish earnings-related pension if the two pensions start at the same time.

Fill in the pension application and also the appendix U, in which you will provide the details of your employment abroad.

The age limits for old-age pension vary from country to country. Even if you are entitled to old-age pension in Finland, the foreign pension may not necessarily become available at the same time.

Disability pension from both Finland and abroad can be applied for using the same application. However, the right to pension is determined according to the laws of the country of employment and the requirements for disability pension thus vary depending on country. Being entitled to disability pension from Finland will not necessarily mean that you are entitled to the same from a foreign country.

Countries other than EU Member States and EEA countries or social security agreement countries

If you have worked elsewhere, the pension accrued in that country may not be payable to Finland or any EU Member State. If the pension is payable to another country, you must nonetheless apply for it yourself. You can consult the Finnish Centre for Pensions for advice.

How to apply for pension when living abroad

Have you earned pension in Finland but are now living abroad? The pension will be paid to you regardless of your place of residence.
Please note that different application instructions apply on the one hand to EU Member States and EEA countries as well as countries which have a social security agreement with Finland, and to all other countries on the other.

People living in an EU Member State or EEA country or a social security agreement country

You should apply for pension in your country of residence. Each EU Member State and EEA country has a coordinating agency that deals with pension issues, and applications for Finnish earnings-related pension will be handled by this agency.

The coordinating agencies are usually the same agencies that process their national pension applications. If you do not know what the coordinating agency in your country of residence is, you can ask the Kela Centre for International Affairs.

People living in other countries

Apply for Finnish earnings-related pension directly from Finland. Contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions or your pension provider.

Payment of pension abroad

Your pension can be paid into a bank account in Finland or abroad. Your nationality is of no relevance.

Pension paid abroad is liable to withholding tax. The amount of the withholding may be affected by factors including nationality and tax treaties.

Notify your foreign bank account online or in writing We will require your international IBAN account number and your bank’s BIC code in order to pay your pension into a foreign bank account. You can notify this information in the online service My Pension (available in Finnish and in Swedish) or in writing. 

How to change the bank account into which pension is paid

Proof of residence

If you are permanently resident abroad you must report your address to Keva once a year. This applies even if your address is the same as the year before.

If we not receive proof of residence by the deadline, the payment of pension may be suspended until proof of residence has been provided. The easiest way to report your address is in the online service My Pension (available in Finnish and in Swedish).

All people who are resident abroad will be sent the proof of residence form annually in January. You can also report your address by signing the form and returning it to Keva.