Am I eligible for pension from Keva?

Your pension is administered and paid by the pension provider where your last employment contract was insured.

Keva administers the pensions of public sector employees, i.e. those working for local government, the State, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and Kela. If your last employer before retirement was a public sector employer, your pension provider is Keva.

Public sector pension

You may be eligible for public sector pension if you are employed by

  • a municipality or joint municipal authority
  • the State
  • the Evangelical Lutheran church or its parish or parish union
  • the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

You may also be covered by the Public Sector Pensions Act (, in Finnish) if

  • you have in place with an above employer a commission or consulting contract and you have not taken out insurance as referred to in the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act for this activity and the activity is not carried out in the form of a company or other corporation.
  • you serve in a position of trust with an above employer
  • you work as a municipal family carer or caregiver
  • you work for a municipal limited liability company or municipal association.

The employees of the Defence Forces and the Border Guard are also covered by the Public Sector Pensions Act.

In addition, Keva administers the pensions of the President of the Republic of Finland and the members of Parliament and the Government.

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Where does the money for pensions come from?

All public sector pensions are paid by Keva. Some of the pension assets are invested in funds to safeguard the payment of pensions also in the future.

Pension contribution withheld from wages and salaries

The money for pensions comes from contributions collected from employees and employers. A pension contribution is withheld from your employment income from the age of 17, when pension first starts to accrue, until the age of 68. Pension accrues for even longer to people born after 1957. Also retired employees under the age of 68 pay a pension contribution because pension accrues also from working while on pension.

In 2019, the earnings-related pension contribution withheld from employment income was

  • 6.75% (people under 53 and over 62 years old)
  • 8.25% (people aged between 53 - 62)

Your employer withholds the contribution from the gross income earned by you and pays it onward to the pension provider together with its own pension contribution. The amount of the earnings-related pension contribution is always indicated on your pay slip.