Terms and Conditions of Keva's Website

Purpose of the website and disclaimer

The purpose of Keva’s website (hereinafter ”Website”) is to improve access to information about Keva and Keva’s services. The information contained on the Website is for general purposes only and is not necessarily applicable to each individual case.

Keva endeavours to carefully ensure the Website contents are correct and up to date, that the Website functions without error and disruption, and that the Website meets reasonable data security requirements.

However, Keva shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect costs or damage arising to the user as a result of Website use or non-operation.

If the material on the Website differs from official material and material supplied by Keva to a member organisation, the officially published material shall always take precedence.

The Webstate contains links to third-party websites, which are provided solely for the convenience of users. Keva endeavours to ensure that the links function but shall not be held liable for the content or nature of those websites.

The user can send messages to Keva via the Website. Responsibility for the arrival of a message and the integrity of the information contained in the message lies with the user.

Keva’s online service for employers (Employer’s Online Service) is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use as well as the Employer’s Online Service User Instructions (in Finnish).


The proprietary rights, copyright and all other intellectual property rights to the Website belong to Keva or the other information providers. The contents of the Website may not be published, transferred, copied, used or otherwise utilised in part or in whole without the prior written consent of Keva.

Users may, however, save pages on their computer and print them for personal use as private individuals. The information on the Website may be quoted in accordance with the Finnish Copywrite Act. The source must always be mentioned when quoting information.


Keva has the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify the Website contents, Terms and Conditions of Use and availability, as well as the requirements set for the hardware and software needed to use the Website. Keva also has the right to, at any time, discontinue any service or deny any user access to the site.

Personal data processing

No registration is required to use the Website and, except for the exceptions stated below, Keva does not collect personal data.

When using the pension calculator and pension record services, users are required to identify themselves through the Suomi.fi e-Identification service (Suomi.fi). The name, personal identity code and address of each user is forwarded to Keva through the service. The personal identity code is saved in the log for any troubleshooting purposes. Log entries are saved for a limited period.

Some forms sent to Keva through the Website require users to give their personal data. The transmission of these forms is secured using SSL encryption protocol. The transmission of other forms or emails to email addresses contained in the Website is not secure and so such forms or emails should not contain personal identity codes, bank account numbers, information about pay or any other sensitive information.

More information about how Keva processes personal data and about the personal data file descriptions required by the Personal Data Act can be found on the Website under Personal data protection.


Keva’s website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that your browser stores on your device. Keva’s website uses technical cookies to ensure that the website functions properly and among other things saves certain choices (such as browser language). This means you do not need to repeat the same choices when moving from one page to another during the same browsing session.

Keva does not use any marketing, advertising or social media cookies.

As a public actor, Keva has a duty to provide an open, appropriate, straightforward and effective service under the general principles of administrative law, the principle of openness and regulation governing administrative law (including chapter 2 of the Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003chapter 5 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities 621/1999chapter 2 of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services 306/2019) .

Keva is an authority and as such must provide and maintain a digital service that citizens and government customers can understand and, that in terms of usability, works as part of communication in a network. Keva must also ensure the quality control of the service. This is why information about website usage and customer feedback is essential for us to ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness of the service. To manage and implement a service in accordance with good governance, our website uses a React & Share feedback service cookie, chatbot service cookie and a data-anonymisation Snoobi analytics cookie for which, because of the statutory obligation of our public mission, the site does not request separate cookie consent.

The purpose of the analytics cookie is to make it easier for users to find the information they need on the site more smoothly and to understand the information content. The cookie also enables us to update the information content so that it serves users as well as possible taking into account the needs the wishes and needs arising in customer feedback. The analytics cookie is used to store anonymised information on how customers behave on the website. Information on website behaviour includes the number of page downloads, the time spent viewing each page, user browsers and operating systems, and origins of traffic to Keva’s website. Keva fully owns this information and does not disclose it to third parties. The analytics cookie is valid only while visiting the site and is automatically destroyed when the browser is closed.

Information in the analytics cookie is not used for profiling, any kind of marketing or targeting and neither the user’s IP address nor the user can be identified personally. The information is not connectable to information stored from logins to Keva’s e-services or to any other information identifying the user that Keva may otherwise process.

React & Share feedback service cookies help to collect the number of reaction clicks and written feedback as feedback information. The service uses a cookie only when the user clicks the Give feedback button. The cookie helps the user to give Keva feedback and express wishes about website content. The information is collected to be able provide and maintain the service in response to user feedback, requests and wishes from users themselves. React & Share does not pass information on and third parties cannot benefit from the cookies or information connectable to them.

Keva uses the chatbot service cookie to enable real-time interaction between the user and the service provider. Chatbot only uses the cookie when the user opens the chat window.