Terms and Conditions of Use for Keva's Website

Purpose of the website and disclaimer The purpose of Keva’s website (hereinafter ‘Website’) is to improve the availability of the information and services of Keva. The information contained in the Website is for general information purposes only and is not necessarily applicable to any individual case.

Keva endeavours to carefully ensure that the contents of the Website are correct and up to date, that the Website functions error-free and without interruption, and that the Website meets reasonable data security requirements.

In no event shall Keva be liable for any possible direct or indirect costs or damage arising to the user in connection with the use of the Website or due to the non-operation of the Website.

Should material presented in the Website differ from official material and material supplied by Keva to a member organisation in the form of an official letter, the officially published material shall always take precedence.

The Website contains links to third-party websites, which are provided solely as a convenience to the user. Keva endeavours to ensure that the links function, but is not liable for the content or nature of those websites.

The user can send messages to Keva via the Website. Responsibility for the arrival of a message and the integrity of the information contained in the message shall lie with the user.

Keva’s online service for employers is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use as well as to the online service’s usage guidelines.

Copyright The proprietary rights, copyright and all other intellectual property rights to the Website belong to Keva or to the other information providers. The publication in part or in whole, transfer, copying, usage or other utilisation of the contents of the Website without prior written consent from Keva is prohibited.

Users may, however, save pages on their computer or print them for personal use as private individuals. The information on the Website may be quoted in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act. The source of the quoted material must always be acknowledged.

Changes to the Website Keva shall be entitled, at any time and without prior notice, to modify the contents, Terms and Conditions of Use and availability of the Website, as well as the requirements set for the hardware and software needed to run the Website. Keva shall also be entitled at any time to discontinue any service or to deny any user access to the site.

Handling of personal information Users do not need to register to browse the Website, and Keva does not keep records of users’ personal data, except under the following circumstances.

In using the pension calculator and registration record services, authentication via the authentication service (Suomi.fi e-Identification) is required of the user. Via the ‘Vetuma’ service, the name and social security number of every authenticated user is communicated to Keva. The social security number is saved in the log for troubleshooting purposes. Log entries are saved for a limited amount of time.

In some of the forms that can be sent to Keva via the Website, users are asked to supply their personal data. The transmission of these forms is secured using SSL encryption protocol. The transmission of other forms or emails to email addresses contained in the Website is not secure, for which reason such forms or emails should not contain social security numbers, bank account numbers, pay information or other information of a sensitive nature.

More information concerning the handling of personal information at Keva and concerning the personal data file descriptions pursuant to the Personal Data Act is contained the Personal Data Protection section on the Website.

Compilation of statistics Keva is entitled to compile and analyse the statistical data on all users of the Website. The compilation and analysis of data, however, is carried out in such a way that it cannot be connected to individual users. Keva may also purchase statistical data compilation and analysis services.