Payment of pension abroad

Keva can pay your Finnish earnings-related pension into a bank account in Finland or abroad. Your citizenship is of no relevance.

Taxation of pension of someone permanently resident abroad

Finnish pensions of recipients resident abroad are taxed in the same way as those of persons resident in Finland. The tax percentage, deductions and tax declaration procedure are the same as for persons resident in Finland. Citizenship and the tax agreement between Finland and state of residence might, however, affect the amount of withholding tax.

If you have lived abroad for more than three years, Keva will apply for withholding tax information for the pension on your behalf.

Read more about the taxation of Finnish pension abroad on the website

Notify your foreign bank account online or in writing

If you would like your pension to be paid into a foreign bank account, please notify Keva of:

  • The international IBAN account number and BIC code given by the foreign bank
  • The bank’s exact name, address and other payment details if your pension is paid to a country outside of the EU/EEA so that we can ensure payment reaches the foreign bank.

Please notify Keva of the above information either in the My Pension service or in writing. See more detailed instructions on how to notify your bank account:

Proof of residence for persons living abroad

If you reside permanently abroad, you must report your address to Keva each year. This applies even if your address is the same as the previous year.

We will send proof of residence forms in stages throughout the year to all pension recipients residents abroad.

You can report your address online already before you receive Keva’s letter. If you do this, we will not send you a letter.

Th easiest way to report your address is in the My Pension service:

  • Go to the My Pension service on the Proof of residence webpage
  • On the webpage you can either send information about any new address or confirm your old address.

If you are unable to use the My Pension service, report your address by signing and returning the proof of residence part of the form to Keva.

If we do not receive your proof of residence within the deadline, pension payment can be discontinued until the report has come.

How to apply for a pension and abroad

If you are looking for instructions on how to apply for a pension if you have worked abroad or now live abroad but have earning a pension in Finland, go to

Social security for pension recipients

Read more about social security for pension recipients abroad on the website