Pension payment dates 2021

We pay earnings-related pensions on the following days (when banks are open):

  • Church, Kela employee and Bank of Finland pensions are paid on the 1st day of each month.
  • Local government pensions are paid on the 3rd day and State pensions on the 20th day of each month. If the payment day falls on a weekend or public holiday, the pension can generally be withdrawn on the previous weekday.

The payment day of earnings-related pensions cannot be moved to the previous month because the right to a pension exists on a monthly basis. Under pension legislation, earnings-related can be paid only once during each calendar month.

Please see general information about pension payment: Checklist for new pensioners

Local government pension payment dates 2021

January pensions paid on Thursday 17 December 2020
Wed 3 February
Wed 3 March
Thu 1 April
Mon 3 May
Thu 3 June
Fri 2 July
Tue 3 August
Fri 3 September
Fri 1 October
Wed 3 November
Fri 3 December

State pension payment dates 2021

Wed 20 January
Fri 19 February
Fri 19 March
Tue 20 April
Thu 20 May
Fri 18 June
Tue 20 July
Fri 20 August
Mon 20 September
Wed 20 October
Fri 19 November
Mon 20 December

Payment dates for pensions of Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kela  employees and Bank of Finland 2021

Mon 4 January
Mon 1 February
Mon 1 March
Thu 1 April
Mon 3 May
Tue 1 June
Thu 1 July
Mon 2 August
Wed 1 September
Fri 1 October
Mon 1 November
Wed 1 December