20.12.2016 klo 12.10 | News

Reija Hyvärinen appointed Chief Communications Officer at Keva

Master of Arts and Master of Social Sciences by education,  Reija Hyvärinen (b.1962) comes to Keva from Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle where she has held the position of Director of Communications for the past six years. As a member of the Management Group at Yle, she was responsible for Yle’s internal and external communications, media relations and lobbying.   “Keva is an important and high-profile social player. I am very excited about this opportunity,” Hyvärinen commented upon learning of her selection.

Before becoming Director of Communications Hyvärinen held managerial news positions and served as Director of Programming at Yle. She has a solid track record in the leadership and management of projects relating to digital technology and the transformation of work, as well as in Internet development and change management. Ms Hyvärinen is also a Certified Business Coach (ACC).

The Chief Communications Officer was appointed by Keva’s Board of Directors. The post is a new one created in the context of the broader reorganisation taking place at Keva. The CCO will serve on Keva’s Management Team, and communications and community relations will report directly to the CEO as of 2017.

“The reorganisation is designed to strengthen Keva’s position and community relations. Hyvärinen will make an outstanding addition to our management group. She is an excellent team player, and communications will be pivotal to the achievement of Keva’s goals,” says Keva CEO Timo Kietäväinen.

Reija Hyvärinen will join Keva in mid-February. The process of recruiting the CCO started at the end of October with a total of 75 candidates, nine of whom were shortlisted for interviews and three of whom underwent further assessment of suitability for the position.

For more information please contact: Timo Kietäväinen, t. +358 400 486 043