2.1.2017 klo 9.46 | News

Keva introduces new look and logo

The new logo and corporate identity adopted by Keva at start of the year are emblematic of the major changes underway at Keva.

“The health, social services and regional government reform will bring about changes to our operating environment and Keva’s customer base in particular with the introduction of the new county corporations. Our digital services and customer relationship approach are also undergoing intense development. In addition, we have implemented a reorganisation and launched several reform projects extending until the end of 2019 with an eye to further improving our performance,” Keva CEO Timo Kietäväinen says.

”The logo redesign is very illustrative of the evolution underway at Keva,” he emphasises.

Keva’s new logo was designed by Creative Director Petteri Meriluoma of the marketing agency Zeeland Family.

”Designing a new visual identity for Keva was a very interesting and rewarding assignment because of the great role that Keva plays in safeguarding wellbeing in the Finnish society. Our work is intended to communicate Keva’s new strategy and the evolution in its activities,” Meriluoma says.

”Keva’s highly stylised textual logo consists of ’letters in motion’ designed to depict Keva’s active expertise. The dark and light blue colours of the logo represent Keva’s reliability, responsibility and stability while the stacking of the bars in the letter E communicates growth and evolution, an ascendance to the future,” Meriluoma describes.

Other elements in the corporate identity include graphic icons and guidelines as well as a library of images portraying various public sector professionals in everyday Finnish interactions.

The new corporate identity was rolled out on 2 January and Keva’s new website will launch on 9 January.

For more information please contact

CEO Timo Kietäväinen,
Keva, tel. +358 400 486 043
Account Director Sami Haukioja,
Zeeland Family, tel. +358 50 599 5225