Employer customers increasingly likely to recommend Keva

Keva Services Surveys and statistics
Keva Services Surveys and statistics

“Keva customers are happy. The services seem to respond to customer needs,” sums up research director Tiina Niemi-Aro at Kulmia Oy, which conducted Keva’s 2023 employer customer survey.

Kulmia’s report shows that the customer experience of employer customers has remained at a high level. The Net Promoter Score, NPS, in the 2022 survey was 54 and in the 2023 survey the score had risen to 57.

 - The promoter score is definitely good and increasing the number of points is no easy job, Tiina Niemi-Aro considers.

At Keva, customer service managers Marja Nikama and Riina Koskela-Manninen and customer experience manager Maija Lahdenniemi prepared the employer survey and analysed the results. They think that the increase in the promoter score shows that Keva is doing the right things in customer work.

 - If we continue systematically working with customers, rely on multivocational skills and focus on promoting knowledge-based management, we will maintain the excellent rating we have already achieved, Riina Koskela-Manninen believes.

Wellbeing services counties satisfied

The survey was sent to persons representing senior management, financial management and HR management and 16 wellbeing services county representatives responded to the survey. They are satisfied with Keva and no less than 88% of respondents considered Keva to have succeeded well or excellently as an earnings-related pensions provider and in its other duties. In their open feedback, the counties commended active cooperation, among other things.

 - The huge level of satisfaction among wellbeing services county customers was this year's particular success, says a delighted Riina Koskela-Manninen.

Stronger image of dynamism

Customers continue to have an image of Keva as highly ”expert and reliable”. On a scale of 1-5, these attributes received 4.5 and 4.4 points respectively.

Customers’ image of Keva as being dynamic and a leader strengthened slightly in the 2022 survey and the 2023 survey showed a continuation of the same trend. The averages garnered by both attributes have improved by 0.1 points per year, and the averages of the score ratings are now 3.8 and 3.7 respectively.

Information utilised

Survey respondents not only gave numerical scores but also many open responses that Kulmia categorised.

 - A few respondents wrote that there is a lot of information and data available but that the ability of organisations to utilise this information in everyday life could or should be improved together with Keva, is one of the responses Tiina Niemi-Aro picks out. 

Nikama, Koskela-Manninen and Lahdenniemi promise that Keva will support its customers' knowledge-based management and develop its assistance especially in utilising information on work ability management.

Keva is pleased with the good feedback from customers. We will analyse the results in, for example, multivocational teams that implement customer services.

 - We will draw on the results to develop operations. Work has already started, says service manager Marja Nikama.

Response activity heading in the right direction

The survey took place between 23 October – 10 November 2023. A total of 505 responses were obtained in the electronic survey and in telephone interviews. The response rate was up by a couple of percentage points and this time was 16.9%. The survey was largely similar in content to those of earlier years.

Keva made a small donation for each response received to the award fund of Vates Foundation. The increase in the number of responses over the past couple of years is gratifying since it improves the reliability of the survey.

 - Response activity is reasonable for a customer survey, says research director Tiina Niemi-Aro at Kulmia.


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